Can we print on the back of the invitations?

Yes, absolutely, if you have any extra information you would like to include on the back of your invitation we will do this at no extra cost, it's better for the environment and saves you money compared to having a separate info card.   

I require the same version of the invitation but with details of the evening reception, can that be done? 

Yes of course, just let us know when placing your order how many of each version you would like. 

Can we merge designs from your website. We like different elements from different design. 

Yes that's fine too. Most of the designs on the website are to give you an idea of the style of our work but they can be edited and changed to fit your own ideas. 

Can we change the colours?

 Yes, most of the designs on the website can be changed to suite your colour palette. 

Can I have the same design on a different colour/type of card?

Yes, thats an option for most designs, however not all designs look good printed onto kraft card. 

I don't feel confident ordering and paying through your website, can we arrange via email? 

Yes definitely, I created the online store to make it as straightforward as possible for customers to order their invitations, however I still arrange many orders via email, phone and face to face.  

Can you send me a printed sample?

Yes, please fill out the form on the sample page