Posted by Lisa on 31st Mar 2020

How can we be better for the environment?

I am always thinking about what I can do to ensure Lisa Loves Design is better for the environment. There are three steps I have taken to improve the impact of Lisa Loves Design on our beautiful world. 

Step 1 - Less card

Printing on the back of your invitations is now free so that you can print any additional details there rather than on an extra info card. Lots of my customers also choose to create a website for their wedding and include basic information on the invitation, inviting guests to find out more on the website. 

Step 2 - Recycled options

Most of the designs on the website have the option to be printed on recycled silk card so that you can choose the most environmentally friendly option for your wedding invites. 

Step 3 - No plastic

No plastic (including glitter) is used in any of the products on my website. All products are created using paper/card and ink.

I am continuously seeking to improve the impact of my services on the environment and if you have any suggestions I would be delighted to hear them!