Posted by Lisa on 4th Feb 2018

A big hello and a few tips!

First of all thank you for visiting my website / online shop it is so wonderful to have you here and thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. 

I have been designing wedding invitations since 2011 and whilst for a long time I considered myself 'starting out' Im pretty sure I've got to stop saying that now and as a somewhat 'experienced' stationer I thought I would offer a few tips for engaged couples who are starting to think about their wedding invitations and stationery, so here goes. 

1. Normal no longer exists

Lots of brides come to me saying "Am I doing this right? What do people normally do?" and my response is always the same, "There is no normal, do whatever you like!". The 'alternative' wedding trend bought to you originally by Rock n Roll Bride (if you haven't read the blog then I definitely recommend you do) has opened up many couple's minds to unique ways to celebrate YOU. Seating plan or no seating plan, RSVPs online or by post, luxurious foiled stationery or simple postcards, anything goes and don't be afraid to do exactly as you please rather than adhere to traditions and things you think you have to do.

2. Personalised invitations do not have to cost the earth

For some, the idea of individually printed personalised wedding stationery designed exactly to suit your theme and colours seems like something that might cost a pretty penny, however that is simply no longer the case, lots of stationers are offering beautiful designs for as little as £1 each! Also if you happen to see something online that you like but would like to change a little (or a lot) most stationers, like me, would be more than happy to do so.

3. Always order more than you need

Avoid the headache of trying to work out exactly how many invitations you need and order a little over. It's often much cheaper to order larger rather than smaller quantities so if you have to go back and order more later this could really dent your budget. Also having extras and filing them away around your home and family members homes will mean you might just come across them in 10 years time. Having only a single copy that's bound to go missing could leave you with heartache when you try to show the grandchildren what getting married in 2018 was like!

4. All that paper! What about the environment?

Electronic invitations can often get lost in your guests' inboxes and with wedding invitations being one of the last lovely things to be delivered by the postman, why not embrace this chance to stand out. A great idea if you are feeling conscious is to send a single invitation containing all the important information and include a link to your wedding website where more details and an online RSVP can be found. Also most stationers, again like myself, will use printers with environmental policies regarding waste and recycling. You can even print on recycled card. 

I hope these tips are useful, please feel free to ask any questions in the live chat below. 

With love, Lisa x